Starry, Starry Night

Took this while on my way back from Geraldton on a mini road trip. Shame that I only had my 50mm with me at the time, and no tripod so had to use the car. Even though the photo came out blurry (should have used a timer instead of pressing the shutter by hand), it still looks amazing.

This reminds me to take some time off every now and then to smell the flowers, and of the beauty of God’s creations.

Just realised that I forgot to post these photos here – It’s a modelshoot I did a while back, my first in fact. Learned heaps from it, about different studio lighting setups, how to expose properly for flash photography, as well as how to interact with a model.

The 3 photos are the best out of the bunch, with the one on top being my favourite of the lot. All the photos are lit using butterfly lighting, using a white reflector as the fill light, and the hair light on the floor 2 metres behind the model pointing directly at her head.

Tried out a roll of AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 400 that my friend sold me for cheap. Like what I see except for the fact that it’s a little too noisy for my taste, would probably get a ISO 100 one instead next time.

The photos are all taken over numerous places, and over a long stretch of time, with the purpose of seeing what the film can do.

You Wanna See It?

Was trying to take a photo of the church in the background, when the guy walked right in and started posing. Had to quickly recompose my shot for it. Easily my favourite shot of the day.

p.s. No, the guy did not actually pull down his zipper.

The Early Fisherman

Another photo taken at sunrise, a very rare thing for me to do, considering my sleeping times. Taken over a month ago when I decided to go to Freo with a friend for an early morning sunrise shoot, thing is we didn’t realise that in Western Australia you can’t actually see the sunrise by the sea, but decided to go ahead anyways. The photo is actually taken with an iPhone, pretty impressive results, only problem is that the files are in JPEGs so I can’t really do my own processing.

I actually took a few more shots at Freo with my film camera, but haven’t develop them yet. Stay tuned, if I don’t screw up the development.

Taken at sunrise. From what was originally just dropping a friend off at his place turned into a late supper, then talked all the way until the wee hours of the morning, came out and saw how pretty the stars are, leading to the decision then and there to drive up to King’s Park to watch the sunrise. Should pull stunts like this more often.

Have quite a few photos taken over the last couple of months that I haven’t posted up yet. Stay tuned… If I don’t procrastinate that is.

A New Beginning

I’ve been considering migrating from Aperture to Lightroom for a while, with the main reason being Aperture getting (or maybe just feeling) more and more unresponsive for me, and even crashing quite a few times recently, as well as some of the really idiosyncratic ways Aperture does things, and most importantly, how I need to revamp my rather screwed up workflow. More recently, I found out about the way Lightroom splits the digital workflow into modules that reflects subsequent steps in the workflow (i.e. Library, Develop, Slideshow, Print, and finally Web), which I find to be just plain brilliant, couple this with Lightroom’s friendlier and prettier interface (hey I’m a Mac user), the migration seems inevitable. However, I kept putting it off (as I’ve also done with any work) because it’s just way too much work to migrate all my legacy images over while still maintaining all my adjustments and metadata.

Today, upon the realisation that I can just keep all my old photos in Aperture, and start using Lightroom for the new ones, I finally made the switch.

Hence the title of this post – a new year, a new photo management software, a new workflow, a new beginning to my photography. Starting this year, I will stop consuming so much, and start producing more, be it in writing or photos.

Heading home after a hard day’s work on Flickr.

Just realised I’ve got some photos from my Melbourne trip last year that I forgot to go through. This one stood out over the rest.